First Baptist Church
Episcopal Church Of The Good Shepherd
Terry Grove M.B. Church
Little Bethel C.M.E.
Terry Missionary Baptist Church
Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Collis Hill Church of Christ

There are several church buildings of note in Terry.  The First Baptist Church (formerly the Terry Baptist Church) is the largest church in town.  The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd is located near where the town’s water tower once stood and served as a hospital during the Civil War.  A grave lies behind the church that belongs to a 6 year old girl named Clara Ayer. Young Clara was traveling with her family from Columbus, GA, and died as a result of the yellow fever epidemic that tragically struck many during the summer of 1865. Her grave is lovingly tended by members of the present congregation.

Terry Grove Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1865 and is the oldest African American Church in the Terry area.  All of the other African American churches of Terry have descended from the Terry Grove Church.  Terry Grove Missionary Baptist Church is a candidate for the National Register of Historic Places.

Little Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is an African American Church founded in 1891 and remains at its original location on Brown Street.  Little Bethel Church has long been viewed as having a progressive leadership and was a local focal point for grass roots efforts during the Civil Rights Movement.

Two former churches which served the town for many years but are now closed are the Terry United Methodist Church and the Terry Sanctified Church.


Emmanuel Temple Independent
1250 Emmanuel Dr.
Terry, MS
(601) 878-2563



Berea Baptist Church
Brown & Utica St.
Terry, MS 39170

Bethesda Baptist
13628 Midway Rd.
Terry, MS 39170

First Baptist of Terry
209 W. Raymond St.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-5735

Mt. Eva Missionary Baptist Church
3805 Wynndale Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-6882

Mt. Wade M.B. Church
3752 Dry Grove Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-2323

Pilgrim Rest
5089 Moncure-Marble Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-6947

Rhodes Creek Baptist
Old Jackson Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-2162

Rocky Springs M.B. Church
16997 Midway Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-9355

Salem Missionary Baptist
20650 Midway Road
P.O. Box 788
Terry, MS 39170

Terry Grove Baptist
P.O. Box 661
323 Raymond Street
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-2044

Terry Missionary Baptist
1945 Old Highway 51
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-5157

Victory Family Church
11559 I-55 W. Frontage Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-5005

Wynndale Baptist
14287 Springridge Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 371-2429



Temple of Yah
Hebrew Israelite Assembly
309 W. Beasley St.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-2199


Church of Christ

Collis Hill Church of Christ
Georgetown Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-2404

Green Temple – Church of God in Christ
1478 Moncure-Marble Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-0390



Church of the Good Shepherd
109 W. Claiborne St.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-5612



Springridge United Methodist
1083 Davis Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 372-7058

Little Bethel C.M.E.
Physical address:
206 Brown Street
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 717
Terry, MS 39170



Wynndale Presbyterian
6600 Terry Rd.
Terry, MS 39170
(601) 878-6870