Cunningham Avenue, one of the town’s main streets, has been described as “Americana” with its mix of older well-kept homes and businesses. Several homes in the older part of town are candidates on the National Register of Historic Places. The Dudley House is located on Railroad Avenue in the heart of our downtown area. It has been on the Historic Register since 1984 and has been featured in several national publications.
The Wolfe House, left, built in 1852, is located on Claiborne Street across from the town’s water tower. It has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1989.
The next house is a beautiful older home located in the heart of Terry near the intersection of Cunningham Avenue and Utica Streets. This home was built in the late 1800’s and was originally owned by the Underwoods, one of the original families that settled Terry.
At the northern edge of town is South Fork Estates, an upscale subdivision of acreage properties. Natural gas service became available in late 2006, and the Town was recently approved for a $1.2 million funding project to provide municipal sewer connection in September 2012. When completed, South Fork will consist of more than 50 acreage lots.
The next subdivision located West of Interstate 55 along Green Gable Road is Terry Park. It is a higher end starter home community. Phase 1 has been completed, and Phase 2 construction is currently underway. When completed, this subdivision will consist of approximately 80 homes.

Cedarstone subdivision, bottom-left, is located in the heart of Terry, and was created by developers John Robinson and his son, J.D., in response to the increased demand for starter homes in the area. Cedarstone has strict covenants, sidewalks throughout, underground utilities, and homes with amenities more commonly found in higher-priced homes.

Phase 1 consists of about 35 homes and was completed in 2010. Phase 2 is currently underway and will consist of about 65 slightly larger homes.

It is anticipated that another 25-lot subdivision is planned in late 2014. The lot sizes will be around 8,000 square feet, and the house sizes around 1,500 square feet. All utilities will be underground and will have sidewalks throughout.

Again, with its personable family atmosphere, good schools and housing choices available, one can see why Terry is a great place to live!